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I went ahead and purchased a Domain Name that I will be setting up mainly for my Japanese Arcade cabinets and different Arcade type projects as well, etc.  It currently has 500MB of webspace and unlimited bandwidth.  So for anyone interested in my hosting a web page for their Arcade Cabinets with no banners and free hosting, let me know.  The main reason I am doing this is that I have seen so many Awesome Arcade Cabinets on web pages in the past and they eventually disapear of are hosted on crappy free hosts such as GeoCities, where it is filled with banners, Pop-Ups, or bandwidth restrictions.  Every time someone submits a project and it is posted on the front page of BYOAC and it is hosted on Geocities, you can bet that you will not be able to check that web page for a month :)  because every time you click on it, Geocities MSG pops up with "exceeded bandwidth, check back in 2 hrs"

So seriously... if anyone is interested, please let me know... this is something I truely do enjoy and would love to help anyone out in sharing their web pages showing their passion for Arcades as well.  Email me @  or just leave any MSG here for questions or whatever.  Thanks.



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