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Before Asking For Help, Read This First! Link to FAQ and bookmarks of interest

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First and formost, THE RULES

The BYOAC Wiki (Use the banner Wiki link above)

The Main Site!  Don't forget that there is one!  Browse the site first to get ideas and information!

Step-by-step cabinet creating tutorial by SpyStyle

A rather comprehensive list of useful URLs on the board (other than this list)

The BYOAC FAQ.  Stuff that gets asked all the time is likely answered here. (Use the banner Wiki link above)

"What PC do I need to run MAME" Official FAQ

Emulation Cabinet Definitions - acronyms, part names, etc

Original Cabinet Dimensions - Find the shape of Pac-Man, Robotron or many, many other original arcade cabinets.

BYOAC T-Shirt - Now Available!

How to install a PC monitor into a cab

How to make a monitor bezel for $2.00

Practically a self-contained lesson in getting component output working for a TV

The Arcade Art Repository (site is permanently offline)
List of artwork sites

How to start your cabinet all at once, even with an ATX power supply.

Dimentions for 33" Showcase Cabinet

The Keys To Making A Sound MDF Joint?

Translucent button lighting how-to

Options for disabled gamers

Guncon2 to PC info

OscarControls monitor comparisons (check out other interesting articles OscarControls has done)

Retro Revival fan magazine
Issue 3 has tips on building a cabinet.
Issue 4 has an article on how to wire an ipac.
Retro Revival links are all dead. Anyone have a stored copy they can send our way of issues 3 and 4?

Polishing carriage bolts and removing the raised letters from them

Just wanted to post that this thread is *not* locked in stone.  If you see a thread that contains information that is asked a lot on the board, or just has really great information, PM me with the thread, and I'll see about it's inclusion here.

Added the main site to the links list.  It should be read first !

Added a link.

Added guncon2 link


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