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I don't mean to bother you, just wondering if you had any news to pass along to us as to when the book will be released?  I am very anxious to get my hands on this gem.


I too am waiting for your book. It's if I was a little kid waiting for Christmas day.  ;D

Matthew Anderson:
I was at my local Barnes and Noble and first they told me the 5th and then said it was more like the 13th (of May). So in other words they do not really know. Whoever gets it first should definately post though!

I'm as much in the dark as anyone :)  My editor called me last week and told me he had the proof copy in his hands and that it looked great! However, I don't have an actual "in the stores" date any better than the previous post. I won't even get my authors copies for another month or so, so I'll have to buy my first copy to see it! :)

--- saint

Hello everyone.

I am new to the boards and about to start my first arcade project.

I just picked up my copy of the book at Barnes and Noble. I did have it on order and I was called today that it was in.

Thanks for the book John. I look forward to all of your insight and knowledge about this hobby.



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