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what wood to choose?

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I thought I'd share my Canadian experience with all of you.  To purchase a 4x8 sheet of 3/4" oak plywood would cost me $89.00 CDN a piece.  On the other hand a 3/4" sheet of MDF is $28.00 CDN a piece.

So for 3 sheets
Oak = $267.00
MDF = $84.00

That's nutz!  Looks like I'll be going with MDF even though I really wanted oak.  So that leads to my question.  Is it possible to make MDF look like wood with a stain?

You can buy oak looking laminate ;D
Like this here.

think you can get plywood that is pre-laminated with a oak/beech finish. its the same stuff that those commercial cocktail kits use.

There are different qualities of laminated wood. You can get plywood sheets covered with a thin layer of actual wood or plywood covered in a "wood print on plastic". I never really liked the looks of the latter (allthough the price is a lot better)

Valchromat (Coloured MDF) Available In Anthracite, Blue, Brown, Green, Red & Yellow.

Has anybody seen/used  this before?

visit here for more details and photos...

looks like the only thing you would have to do is varnish the surface.

I expect it is pretty expensive

this supplier also has venered boards - Wood Veneered MDF ( Premier Grade for interior use only ). i notice that they have it in 16mm, 19mm thicknesses (perfect for 5/8 and 3/4 t-molding!)


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