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What kind of wood??!?

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Well here's the thing. I'm planning on building a CAB for me. I've been concerned about the wood used in the construction since I

This was discussed very recently - search back about two weeks.  

IMHO, MDF is really easy to work with for a newbie woodworker and easy to paint.  Downside: it's as heavy as lead. :)

if you have a limited budget... I'd say go for MDF...

if you don't like MDF... (MDF dust is not exactly good for your lungs...)  I would suggest you to look into plywood before particle board...  plywood is a little lighter and very strong... (I don't think wood dust in general is good for your lung... but I heard that MDF dust is the worst...)
 :P :P

and for you mentioned about moving soon... I'd say... put 4-6 wheels under it... and you'll be set....

make the cabinet width to be like under 27 inches and it should fit thru most doors... if CP is larger.. then make it so that the CP box can be taken off easily...

and if you really have problem moving it up and down stairs.... (at that time of move.... take out the monitor...
and 2 guys can move it easy....)

Geez this question is asked every single freakin week

sorry for the dumb question  :-[


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