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Unnamed Project Begins!


I picked up a gutted cab last night and will soon start work on clean up/restoration and MAME-ifying

You can follow my progress here or look at pics of my gutted cabinet's virgin state HERE

I've lurked here for AGES wanting to build a project, but the timing was never right...  (I think the first emu I ever used was david spicers Sparcade on a cyrix 486/dx2 66 ...that's moderately old school, right?)  so I'll be hitting the general forum shortly with questions and convo n' stuff...

This place is an awesome resource! thanks to Saint and all the maintainers/contributors.


I shall call it the "allan parsons project" ....  =P  just kidding

Actually  I'm going to call it UberCade  (not sure if i'll do the oomlats or not)  

Still very much a work in progress... I've actually gone backwards. I had an empty cab and have completly taken it apart to sand/prime/paint it....

so yeah... I got "dibs" on the name "UberCade"


Ubercade is really starting to take shape...

you can see my progress (latest updates are at the bottom of the page) on my updated temporary Ubercade WIP page

Your thoughts/comments/etc are welcome...



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