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Why don't you save the effort of making a mirror, and just help me moderate and improve my site.

I own a hosting company, so the bandwith isn't really an issue. I also have a cap set with a redirect to an alternate site, so I'm not worried about jumping my allotment under heavy traffic.

The most important thing we need to do to the vector library is to continually search for and add content, and make sure that it is good. If I could get your help on that, I think we'd all be in better shape.

If you want to help out, register at the arcade library, and I'll convert you to a Mod in no time. It doesn't take too much work to moderate, but it will become more difficult over time as more and more content is added.

What all is required of a mod?

I may be interested in helping out if it's something I can do, and if you need any more people.

I just registered an account, my screenname is megashock5.


Every time I see this thread, I think: poor Hellfromabove, his silly question has been imortalized. And I use this thread to go to the archive often.

On that note, I made some minor edits to my response  ;D

Oh, and we don't need any additional mods, but thanks Megashock.

I am currently working on some artwork for my custom super neo 29.
So vectorized the atomiswave and the Sammy logo.

I am working on the sega-sammy holdings logo now.

I dont know how to get the logos on the site so here are two links:

*edit* Btw I just begun with Illustrator so if you need to tweak or change it before using, be my guest


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