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Hey I was wondering if there were any sites that had some vectored art for download. The Mametrixreloaded site's graphics section has been down for like ever so I can't really get anything from there. Is there some site that has more arcade/ videogame based vectored art or just vectored art in general? Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

The location for the vector art library is

the Arcade Art Library
[The original site is no longer there.  This URL now redirects to various :spam: sites.  Click at your own risk.  -- Scott]

The site has arcade art, side art, control panel overlays, bezels, marquees, and character art for arcades. It's updated by contributors.


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Yeah me :P. Thanks for the link. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

So if you see something on that site that you need.  How do you go about getting it made into your side art or CPO?  What does it usually cost to have this done.

Thank you!

Dead? no.

Out of commission due to workload? yes.

There was also a time where the status of my employment here was in question which is why the website moved for a time and the downloads kind of fell apart.

I feel really bad because saint even took the time to ask my permission last year to put the library in his new book and then I managed to let it go to pieces. (I still bought the book to support saint and just because its cool to see your site mentioned in print)

Many thanks to mahuti for picking up where I fell short on providing this resource. I am back and going to see what it will take to setup a mirror site of the new library to use up some of this free bandwidth I have hanging around here.



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