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I think Chicken Shift is fun.


He he my wife loves Chicken Shift and Burger Time for some reason.
My favourites are Defender ( haven't got the control panel for it unfortunately ), Joust, KikiKaikai, Juno First, Ghosts & Goblins and many others of course.

I just got my track ball...and I have to say a trackball game that I had never even heard of before called "Ataxx" is really excellent.

The AI is great and I find it to be really challenging.

It's very similar to Othello (remember that?) but a lot harder. I also like that when your computer opponent makes a particularly good move it laughs at you. I really like that goading into trying to beat the AI.

MameMaster!  8)

Lately I've been playing a lot of Shuuz and Shuffleshot.  Both great trackball games.  And I have to agree with Mr. Do...what a great simple game.

Generic Eric:
I don't know if this in Mame or not...  Its a shockwave version of SNK bowling


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