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Every once awhile, people post a list of the good non-traditional games that they play on their cabinet.  I usually read this list and say, "I have to try that game out."  And when I get around trying that game out.  I usually forget what game I was looking for to try out.  And I can't find that post that listed the games to try.  Since the topics on the main forum move so fast.

So what I suggest:

Sticky this post under the "Everything Else" and people can either post a list of the non -traditional games they play or even easier past a link to the posting that had that list of good games to try out.

Example:  This post has a listing of some 4 player party games that I've never heard and have never tried;action=display;threadid=17154

Here's a post that talks about 4 Player Simultaneous Games;action=display;threadid=16101

Here's a post that talks about the "Dreamcast games must haves";action=display;threadid=9984

Post regarding "Multiple 4 ways games";action=display;threadid=16325

So if people could just post their list of games that the majority of the people don't normally play or link to an older post.  Other people may enjoy a "new" game that they never even heard off.


Sounds like a good idea.  If it tanks, we can always kill it and unsticky it.  Moving...NOW!

Thank Peale!

I hope people like the idea and post there lists here.  As I like hearing about those known games that I've nevered heard of before.

Let's make it work.

Guys we already have a sticky for this......;action=display;threadid=7479

You need to delete this sticky to avoid confusion

I believe that thread, howard, is more aimed toward non-mame games, while this one is more about mame.

I could be wrong on this, so feel free to correct me.


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