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Have You Preordered Your Book Yet?


Cisco Kid:
Well, I got mine preordered from Amazon  ;D (good price ... alot of knowledge for such a cheap price ... can't beat that deal)

I can't wait till April 28 rolls around.  I don't care for reading books (especially IT certification manuals .... yuck  :P ) but this should make for some excellent nighttime reading  ;) (dreams of cabinets and cocktails ... everyone should be so fortunate)

Pre-ordered mine just now.  Getting one for home, one for work and one for a friend.

I REALLY WANT to order one. But at the same time I am also afraid it will be one of those deals where it is going to be a fun book to look at, but one that isn't going to teach me ANYTHING (been doing this for a LONG time, and have personally done darn near everything that is ever discussed here).

I'm in the same boat as Paige.  Maybe we should just give Saint some money, or maybe some beer?

Is there an affiliate link for Amazon somewhere yet?  I am ready to pre-order but wanted to give Saint his affiliate pennies.


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