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I'm having a slight problem with one of my GM PC's.

I'm getting random stutters in games , I think the PC should be powerful enough.

Windows 10
Q9550 (Stock)
HD 7570
4gb Ram
Super Resolutions

I've tested games in FBNeo and I get no stutters so only seems to be mame.

Could using native resolutions help take a bit of the strain off the CPU ?

Please help.


I'm running it through a JPAC on a Sega Astro City and I'm playing Guwange.

Not surprising since mame is usually the most demanding emulator for any given rom. I'm also not able to run games like Guwange perfectly smooth, on an Intel E8400.


I used to run groovymame on a e8500 4gb and XP and I never had any performance issues running CPS2 but this system Q9550 (now OC'ed to 3.4ghz) 4gb and Win 10 I'm having stutters with CPS2 , I thought these specs would be fine for mame.

This is a bummer , I was running flycast earlier and that seemed fine too.

OK,  if I was going to upgrade what would people recommend without paying a fortune ?

Also could I just swap out the CPU/MB and Ram easily without too much faffing around ?



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