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switchres support for "VIDEOAMP" (CRT EDID alternative to ATI card & emudriver)

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Bandicoot and njz3 from the French gameoover forums have made this great little device called VIDEOAMP.

It sits between your CRT and graphics card. Any graphics card on any PC. Even a laptop. No test mode or ATI card or emudriver required.

It's compatible with the the custom modeline text file that's generated from vmmaker. The file imports into the VIDEOAMP software and flashes the EDID data.

The problem is, switchres in groovymame always picks the 2560x240 60hz value. There are 15 modelines generated and imported, I see them all listed in the windows settings display resolution drop down but swithcres always picks the same one.  I tried using the old "static" mode with the "Max number of modes" uncapped but I get the same 15x modelines regardless if I choose "dynamic" or "static" (with the mame exe and XML options" selected).

1. Could switchres be configured to dynamically set custom EDID to the VIDEOAMP like it does with emudriver and ATI cards?

2. Is there a bug in vmmaker that the old "static" mode table method no longer works?

With a few tweaks I think this VIDEOAMP device could be a really amazing solution to future proof the CRT, switchres and groovymame ecosystem since it doesn't rely on using a dedicated PC in test mode with older ATI card / older drivers. You plug in the USB/video cable to the VIDEOAMP, connect it up to the CRT as the second screen, add "screen \\.\DISPLAY2" to the mame.ini then run groovymame on your main PC still with your HDMI 4K monitor attached.
I know some people are using groovymister for this same purpose but this is a lot cheaper.

More info if you are interested:

Yes I agree that would be nice to get a switchres support for the board.
The board's firmware uses a simple serial communication protocol to store an EDID: basically set the EDID size in 128bytes blocks (up to 30kbytes), then send a write command with a leading adress value in hexadecimal text and a chunk of 16 bytes encoded also in hexadecimal.
What could be tricky is to perform a re-read of the EDID without restarting the whole graphics stack.

Never heard of this project. Looks really interesing. Would it work with 2 CRTs? Assuming that I need two VideoAmps.

Is there any site where I can buy this VideoAmp ? I see people are taking straight from bandicoot.

I sent a PM to njz3 and bought one through paypal. This was a while ago so there may be a web shop now.

It's actually a great little device because I can use my main gaming PC for both CRT emulation and as the main PC gaming.

Before I needed a separate PC for emudriver/CRT because I couldn't do regular gaming on it (once the epicgames loader detected TEST mode in Windows it wouldn't load the PC games, not to mention the R9 380 card was getting a bit old).

yes you can contact me or NJZ3 ;)


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