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I-PAC4 Xinput


Howdy all,

I have a 4p arcade machine with LED Buttons, LED Blinky and 4 way to 8way sticks on P1 and P2.  Everything is working well but I'm having a small issue with the X-Input mode on the IPAC. I emailed Andy form Ultimarc and he basically said they recommend avoiding Xinput unless the application can't use anything else. 

I wanted Xnput for Xbox 360 games and pc games on the system.  I have tried x360ce and it does work but I could only get it to do P1, when i select P2 button assignment and choose keyboard it just cancels out P1.  Although I can just plug in controllers for these games I wanted to ask people what they do.  Mainly the fighting games would be great to use the arcade buttons for if possible.

Better to leave the iPAC in keyboard mode.  I use 'keyboard2xinput' to convert keyboard to xinput controls for games that need it.

Thank you I will try it out. Appreciate the advice.


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