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restart jukebox rowe ami r85


I have to restart a Rowe friend R85 jukebox for a friend. who has owned it for several years

First breakdown. the juke box only took the records placed on the table and put them back in the magazine without reading them.

The Z115 has been replaced by another card.

and the battery was replaced by a button cell + a serial component.

No more disks taken but still not working.

During my on-site inspections. The lights on the power supply are Ok 28 vac = 33 vac 8vdc = 8.5 vdc and 28vdc = 33vdc. The neon lights are on + noise in the speakers when powered on. 8 volt LED on the lit ccc I have 8 volts on pins 2 and 4 p103 and common pin 3

On the CCC switch to most popular, continuous and normal. Switch on off and service on. And no indicator light on the Machinsm control card

But no interior and exterior displays.

I took over the soldering of the CCC connector + price card + control mechanism, a lot had to be done again.

during my tests. I put Switch on off and service on. All disk mechanism worked. All the lights are on at a given time except the channel on the Machinsm control card.

The disc was put on the turntable and started spinning. Then it stopped without playing the disc and no sound.

But no interior and exterior displays.

I have not tested with the parts

I have part of the technical documentation, the diagrams.

I have been a maintenance technician for 10 years and a beginner in electronics

I don't know how to use the "service buttons"

Thank you in advance for your help

And can you give me the protocol to follow?

attached the photos


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