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Golden Tee Pedestal (2015) - Not powering up


Hi all,

I am very "green" when it comes to arcade machines. I recently purchased a 2015 Golden Tee pedestal. It was working fine, but it no longer powers up. The bill collector kicks in (and lights up), but the unit itself doesn't turn on anymore. No fans, nothing. I am wondering if there is a troubleshooting guide (or things to look for). I have scoured the interwebs and everything keeps pointing me back to this forum......


To add one thing - I did find some troubleshooting steps yesterday that said try the soft power. I did, and the machine actually fired up. Booted no problem but after turning it off we are back to where we were - no power, and the soft power switch doesn't work anymore either.....

change your motherboards cr2032 battery. it's dead. that's why it doesn't power on automatically. it's lost the bios settings.

then you gotta boot it, go in the bios and set the option "on AC loss" to "power on". it's default is set to "stay off". ( a third option is "last state" but not real useful) save and reboot.

Thank you! This has solved the problem!


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