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Naomi 2 Toshiba A68KJU96X and ms8 platine MS-2932-S weird picture (not capacitor


Hello everybody

after years of trouble i'm not resigned and i need your help

i got a naomi for many years, and two or three years ago, i got some issue with the tube

I've send the nano to a friend and a capkit have been made after the trouble but still a blurry and strange picture.

Some people said the tube is dead (but i got a picture) and some other maybe the yoke

I know a little in electricy (pinball repairing) but always have been a little chilly when it come to test voltage on tube.

If you have any clue, i'm in... Puttin a 15khz tv in a 31khz cab make me sad :D

Thanks a lot for your expertise

here are the pictures

thats the yoke causing that, almost certainly corroded and burnt out


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