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Arcade1Up TRON with GroovyGameGear TurboTwist High-Low Spinner


Long story short, I'm attempting to replace the spinner on my Arcade1Up Tron using a GroovyGameGear TurboTwist High-Low spinner that I already had on hand.  The Tron system is not recognizing the spinner.  I plug the USB cable into the USB port on the system board, but nothing.  I can plug a normal USB mouse into the Tron system board and it's detected and I can rotate things in the game by moving the mouse back and forth.  And the TurbTwist works fine when plugged into a normal Windows computer.

Is there something special about the GGG TurboTwist High-Low compared to other mouse HID devices that would make it not work with the A1Up Tron when other normal mouse devices do?

Background...  I bought the GGG TT HL several years ago with the intention of installing it in my MAME multi-cade cabinet, but never did.  Then I bought the A1Up Tron last year, and the original spinner on it broke.  I saw the info about the Glen's Retro Show spinner on the A1Up Tron by just plugging it into the USB port, and wondered if I could to the same with the GGG TT HL.


It sounds like A1UP systems, due to the way they are coded, are using a "barebones" USB HOST implementation, which was only intended to use a typical generic mouse device with a very specific report structure.  Unlike devices with full USB HOST support (Windows, Linux, Rasberry Pi, etc...) it's not able to accommodate the reports being generated by the Opti-Wiz3-style interface.

Thanks for the info!  I appreciate the response.


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