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Starting this thread to document my journey into my 3rd cabinet build. The last 2 being LCD bartops, this is a bit more in depth. Current plans, 32" RGB converted Sony Trinitron for the monitor. 9700k, 32gbs ram, 280x PC for crt-emudriver. Hopefully running launchbox frontend with retroarch as I have a lot of experience with them and find them easy to work with, though I'm a little worried about how 240p and 480i will work with them. 2 4" speakers under the marquee box, subwoofer. 2 player control panel, hidden USB ports to connect additional arcade pads. Probably going to use an LED pixelcade panel for the marquee as I've always thought they looked cool. I considered LCD but unfortunately I can't find anyone that makes an LCD panel larger than 28", which is much too small for this build.

The most fun part to me, the monitor will rotate on a 40" lazy susan bearing. I only plan on manual rotation not motorized. I'll cut a small 3/4" slot into the marquee box and the control panel so the entire screen bezel can rotate with it. This avoids having an ugly cutout around the screen to accommodate both orientations. Bezel will be outset from the side panels and edge routed to slope down into where the edge molding meets. It's designed as seated cab, same control height as a candy cab. Though I'm considering insetting the entire cab into a riser with a joke to raise and lower it to standing height.

90% of parts are on order, once those arrive this will probably be a very fast project with a lot of updates. Once I get going I don't sleep until a project is done (unfortunately).


Did a quick design in fusion to make sure all my dimensions work. Seems good, the slewing bearing should fit perfect and rotating doesn't get in the way of the screen inset luckily. It appears this thing is going to be absolutely massive to accommodate the 32" display, 44" wide and 46" depth. Going to take a lot of space in the house...

Basically the final design finished and ready to cut. Just waiting on materials. 40" rotating bearing assembly, 2 5" shielded mids and tweaters, 2 6" woofers in a ported box will go below. Coin operated. Pixelcade marquee on order. Trying crown 202 switches this time since they have nice colors.

Daniel B.:
be aware that many tvs are quick to be magnetized upon rotation if on. sometimes more than the degaussing coil can correct. happened on my trinitron and wega terribly.

That's not something I considered, I'll have to test this particular set. Hopefully it's fine as all parts are on order at this point.

Edit: A quick test shows a bit of discoloration in one corner. The tv actually has some purity issues in the top left when horizontal, this moves to the top right (previously bottom right) when vertical. I was going to have to apply a magnet to correct purity horizontally, I may have to do something funny to improve it in both positions.

Purity issues in either location go away when the tv faces south, unfortunately that isn't the direction the cabinet will end up in.

Daniel B.:
Yeah so just power her on, I would suggest might as well test your PC connection or whatever this bad boy is going to run, and then rotate the monitor on it's side - Look for discoloration. Try both directions because sometimes, depending on the set and where we are located on the globe, only one direction will be a problem.

You can solve by either making a degaussing coil or buying one of those green wands from amazon or ali-express, but they are not very strong.

The situation here is that it may come back while rotated no matter what you do - I've been experiencing this with one of my sony sets and it seems like the mask is just magnetized anytime the set is on while in vertical mode. I first wondered if one of the color drive chips were bad, and what I ended up doing in my troubleshooting was trying to ACTIVELY COOL the chassis board with a fan in my candy cab. I don't think the temperature was the problem, but one side effect i noticed is that as long as there is a fan (AC powered, desk fan, clip fan, etc) in the cabinet, I believe the rotor of the fan is acting like an electro magnet and it keeps my screen completely clear!

Like I said, I had 2 sony sets, higher end consumer, not pvm/bvm and they both seemed to experience this. The trinitron, no matter what I do will always discolor when rotated, the wega seemed to do it only when power was on to the monitor.

so what I'm trying to say is - test it out, with the set on/off and maybe everything will be fine and no issue. If there is an issue, you can try to solve the issue with magnets, coils, wands IF AND ONLY IF the degaussing circuit doesn't solve it. If for some reason these sets are similar, you can try to put a fan near the set and see if it prevents the issue. Freaking voodoo man, I swear.

If it does discolor when you rotate, turn it off and back on to trigger the coil on the monitor and see if that solves the problem first, which it probably will.

Sorry to ramble so much about this issue but I wanted to offer some additional detail and hopefully save you a headache. I hope it works just fine, or worse case you turn the tv off when you rotate. Crossing my fingers for you.

Also, I think this build looks super over the top and BADASS and I can't wait to see some more progress. This is freaking cool!



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