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Daphne Not Displaying Properly through Mala Windows 11


Hey guys, I know that MaLa and Daphne at this point are getting pretty outdated, so I understand if this is a bug that will go unsolved.

Pretty much, my PC automatically updated to Windows 11 (always try to disable automatic updates but never seems to work), but now that it has updated, I have a problem where when I go to play Dragons Lair through MaLa, the cmd prompt window always is blocking the daphne window (never happened with windows 10). I end up having to click on the daphne window to hide the cmd prompt. Since I am using this setup for an arcade cabinet, I dont have the ability to click using the joysticks.

If anyone has a solution to hide the cmd window, it would be much appreciated. I have attached a screenshot of the issue.



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