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Hi, been out of the game for a while and just returning back to working on my driver cab by adding MAME games.
I kinda remember that MAME didn’t support FFB when I last worked on it a while back.
Is this still the case or is there some way to add FFB to MAME games now please?

MAME does not support FFB by itself.
Depending on your setup, you can try MAMEhooker and/or the boomslangnz FFB plugin.

I myself translate the ffb commands to my daytona FFB board.

Thanks for the info.
I use a Happ active steering assembly interfaced through an Immersion Touchsense FFB PCB.
I did look through Boomslangnz FFB plugin thread but I don’t have any of those supported games/emulators running of my cab… mainly due to the fact I have to run pedals separately in windows and they need to have pedals combined, from what I remember anyway… might be wrong. Are there any supported MAME games as well using this?
I know a bit about MAMEHooker due to using it to hook up recoil on my light gun cab but I’ve not delved into hooking up FFB with my driver setup with it… research time 🧐

Which MAME games are you interested in? Boom's FFB has support for over 20 that I have setup and maybe more that I don't. But, they aren't listed individually since the plugin works the same for MAME. Now, for TeknoParrot, they are broken out individually since the plugin goes in each game folder. But, for MAME, it's one and done.

Ah ok I’ve misunderstood Boomslangnz’s FFB plugin thread. I thought those were the only games that were supported. I’ll give it a go now, cheers.


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