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X arcade tankstick adapter


Hi all, hopefully I'll get a quick response to this.

I've got a old dual joystick tankstick without a ball, with Ps2 and female 9pin attached.

Is there an alternative to the x arcade adapter which is real expensive for me, to connect to my super console x2 pro?

Any help is much appreciated guys, gals etc



Howdy!  There may be a better answer than this, but I can share my thoughts / advice.

I had an older x-arcade tankstick that I replaced the control board in a while back.  I've since repurposed that hardware to my young niece for her first emulator console (I made her a Retropie for Christmas) so I don't have it here to look at to confirm, but if my memory serves there wasn't really much special about the buttons and joystick wiring.  You could use a couple of the inexpensive EG Starts boards, which are just recognized by the various OS's out there as a standard game controller.

It may need some mild wiring work (e.g. simple splicing or similar) but I think that would be close to what you'd need if you're willing to replace the boards inside the x-arcade.  The buttons and joysticks in the x-arcade are, again if memory serves, just standard hardware with momentary switches, etc... 

The super console uses Android, I think, but as long as it recognizes standard USB game controllers, those should work.

Again...I don't have mine in front of me now to confirm, but I seem to remember when I opened mine that there wasn't anything crazy or fancy in the guts.



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