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Ultimarc spintrak not working


I have an ultimarc spintrak and canít get it to work. For now Iím just trying to make it work in windows on my windows 10 pc. I have an ultimarc trackball too - both usb versions. The trackball works well.

Things Iíve tried:
- both usb 2 and 3 ports
- tried in different pc
- switched with the usb adapter Iím using for the trackball that I know is working
- tried different cords
- double checked the harness. I have it plugged into the row with 4 pins and lined up the missing pin with the missing pin from the board. I am pretty positive itís plugged in correctly, posting a pic.

I can see it shows up as a hid in device manager. Not sure what else to try, is it possible I just got a dud?


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