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Sanwa 29e31s Step down transformer

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Iím looking for a suitable step-down transformer to use with a Sanwa 29e31s monitor.
From the monitor manual it seems to use max 180w;

So would this 200w one be ok?

I used this one previously and it worked but think it was only 85w;

I donít have it anymore but there is another one like this available I can acquire if it is suitable.


--- Quote ---So would this 200w one be ok?
--- End quote ---

dunno. you have supplied no link or specifications other than it's "200w step-down". unfortunately with this monitor, you can't simply dumb down the voltage with a voltage converter circuit...which is what i believe your linked picture to be. these devices typically use diodes or mosfets/transistors/triacs to chop up the voltage down to a level of a duty cycle that emulates 120v.

your voltage convertor you choose MUST be an isolating transformer type. this monitor uses a linear regulator circuit to produce it's voltages and as such MUST be isolated from mains by a 1:1 (aka "unity gain") transformer... or in your case... a 2:1 transformer since you need to carve down 240ish down to 120ish. The voltage regulator output cannot be tied in any way to the line voltage because the way the regulator works. the linear regulator, when connected to mains will draw infinite current from those mains and blow up/short out.

Yikes!Ö cheers for the reply.
Definitely not my forte as you can tell.
Hereís a link to the 200w step down transformer;

I found on old photo of the transformer I used to use with my old monitor and it was definitely 85w.

the transformer you are going to need to obtain is going to be about 4 kilos of iron and copper. not going to be available shipped too far.

something like

or maybe


basically looking for a big transformer. if it comes in a little plastic box... not interested. it's going to be the weird chopping circuit type that the monitor will absolutely not like.

maybe try and load up ebay and search for "220v to 110v transformer" and ignore anything in a plastic box.

Thanks for the info and links, very much appreciated  :cheers:

Iím hoping this one might do the job;

Commercial use
Unlike others though, it doesnít say if it is an isolating transformer or not.


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