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AMI Rowe Jukebox Issue


I have an AMI Rowe jukebox that plays 45s.  Thinks its an 80s something model.  It advances one number beyond the number you input.  If you input 238 it plays the 45 in the 239 slot.  Is there an easy way to fix this?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Don,

I had the same problem with my AMI Rowe R90 jukebox and I tried everything; all kinds of adjustments and even  replacing optical sensor and the sprag gears. Nothing solved the problem.
I was all set to replace the gearbox with a spare and noticed when spun with fingers, the replacement gear box spun more freely than the original.
I opened the gearbox from the problem juke and found the old grease was thick and hardened. I cleaned out the old grease and replaced it with fresh automobile grease and put everything back together.
The first time I selected a record it chose the correct one and has performed flawlessly ever since.

Good Luck,



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