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Help with a part for a Rowe CD-51


Hello everyone,
 I'm trying to find a replacement knob (or wheel) that's used to manually turn the title strip holder on my CD-51. I had the holder out of the juke replacing things and when I went to turn the pages manually at one point the collar on the wheel broke into pieces where it's designed to catche the shaft. Hoping perhaps someone might be able to point me towards one. Thanks for any help anyone can give.

ideally, you'd want to look in the manual for a part number... or on the part itself and see if it has a part number stamped on it. using the part number in a search is going to be your best bet to find a weird part like that.

that said, it IS likely used in a few machines, which... i don't know...  rowe does like to recycle parts as much as possible...but just searching for a CD-51 title page knob doesn't immediately show anything up...

but... searching around... replacement title pages themselves seem like they were used in the CD-100 A/B/C/D/E and the 51 series jukeboxes so maybe the knob is the same or similar as one used in one of the CD-100's.

good news is, I do have a pile of title page mechanism parts for CD-100 series jukes (we converted piles of CD-100 jukes to digital touch screen jukeboxes in the mid 2000's) so if it happens to be one used in of those models, i'll have it somewhere, cause i have dozens of boxes of parts from them... so if you can get a part number for yours... i'll search the manuals for CD-100A and up and see if it's used in any of the CD-100's.


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