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2 Joysticks per player?

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I didnt bother reading PL1's wall of text, few ever do.

You can put a stick the buttons then a second stick per player. the stick on the right can share inputs with the buttons (ie button 1 can also be up on the right stick) just like Fursphere said.

For an exclusive Karate Champ Panel you'd need this

Coin , P1 start P2 start (3)

Player 1 left stick U/D/L/R (4)
Player 1 right stick U/D/L/R (4)
Player 2 left stick U/D/L/R (4)
Player 2 right stick U/D/L/R (4)

so 19 inputs for a 2 player Karate Champ panel.

Install MAME and become familiar with how to map the controls in game for those games.
You can map any button or control on you panel to any original control in the game, individually for each game.  No weird wiring required.

You can have 2 joysticks per player provided you have enough inputs.
You can use the buttons in place of the second joystick with whatever mapping makes sense to you.
You can play 1 player and use player 2's joystick for the second stick.

You could even run two different revisions of the game with one mapped using the second option and the other mapped using the third option.


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