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JVL Orion no IO Board found

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Appreciate the reply, and I placed an order for a button battery holder as you've done in the past

Holding down the button doesn't do anything / I still get i/o board not found.

On the breakoutboard there is power connection, a usb (going to the io board labeled linked)
And 3 ribbon type connectors. 2 large ribbon connectors labeled cn2 and cn3.. these are going to the motherboard the cn3 going to com1, cn2 going to usb1.2,

There is another ribbon cable with only 4 wires going to a j5 connector in the middle of the board (see first pic) that  is going to the motherboard usb3.4

The io board has no connections going to the motherboard.

What's interesting is that this 4 wire ribbon cable has a end that also fits on the io board (see 2nd pic)
But seeing what you wrote, it sounds like there is no wires going from the io board to the mother board

Thanks again for your help

the 2 circled connections are power (5v and 12v)... and the black one is a USB connection.

that black connector's cable should be connected to the breakout board, where it will ultimately connect through to the USB connection on the motherboard. that breakout board has connection that supplies the conventional USB-A connector on it (used for upgrades)... but also through the black connector that goes to the IO board.

ok, i think i know what's going on here., see... your breakout has a hub as sorts for the USB's and i think you have some stuff messed up there.

on the breakout board... there should be a single USB type A connector for a usb stick or whatever to do upgrades... and then 3 black connectors (possibly 2 black and a white not sure... but i digress) around the outsides... those 3 connectors and one port are all USB. if you follow the connector traces from those connectors/port along on the board, you can see they go to the 2 connectors in the middle of the breakout board. those 2 cables should be plugged into USB1-2 and USB 3-4 on the motherboard.

ideally you want the IO board connector... the IO board is plugged into.... to be in the connector... on the breakout board.... that is attached to the cable.... that is ultimately plugged into USB1-2 .... WHEW! (i say this cause some linux distros are picky about which USB port IO has to be found on)

and i belive in your pictures (they are kinda cut off in some very key areas to be 100% sure)

I also think your serial is plugged into the wrong one, it should be plugged in as com1 (for your touchscreens connection)

so...move the connector currently on COM1 which should be in USB#-# (again, you'll have to follow the trace back to the middle connector)

and move the short DB9 tail over from com2 to com1 and plug your touch comptroller into there.

Appreciate the help, just gonna send a few more pics cause I got a little lost in the last response

Pic 1... io board.. there's no wires at all that go to the actual motherboard correct? I have a power connector which goes to the brewkojt board . The black clip (I assume ur meaning of usb) on the bottom left of the io board also goes to the breakoutboard.

Pic 2.. the breakoutboard.. it has the 2 connectors (see labeled usb) going to the motherboard. Breakout board labeled cn2 is going to motherboard usb 1.2... cn3 is going to motherboard usb 3.4

Now on the bottom right is a white connector with 4 wires (labeled in blue with?) This I have going to the motherboard to the right of usb3.4... the labeling on the motherboard tho is weird as it's not usb... it's either cn9 or cn10




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