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Xenia netplay 200+ titles working now. RR6, F1 Race Stars, Outrun Online, + more

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--- Quote from: MrThunderwing on March 11, 2024, 12:58:57 pm ---How does this netplay work in regards to Xbox live? Asking as someone with an actual Xbox 360 who's never been able to take part in any online games on it owing to the fact that I've never paid for Xbox Live Gold membership and have only ever used the free Silver membership.

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It doesn't use the real xbox live. These folks are developing an xbox live server replacement ( You can download it and run it locally. I have it running on one of the PCs and the rest of the instances of xenia are configured to hit the "xbox live server" on my LAN. is the public server if you want to play online with others with the netplay build. No idea to what extent it would work at all with a regular 360. I'm sure there are many functions that are still stubbed.

Games that require external servers certainly won't work without people writing custom servers, which is likely going to never happen. But it looks like this xbox live server replacement is just matching up machines and then, it looks like many games are just connected p2p, so nothing else is needed.

Ahhhh, interesting. I think my PC's probably too old and creaky for Xenia though. Funnily enough, I've ben having a bit of a Hydro Thunder Hurricane renaissance recently, as I was forced to finally update my PC from Win 7 to 10 and I decided to pick up the PC version of HTH as I'd heard it was 60fps. Man, it looks so much better like this than it ever did on my actual 360. I've got all the tracks re-unlocked now and all the regular boats. I'm just getting started unlocking the X series boats now and I've still got a few hidden packages to re-discover. Such a great game!

Is there any online/lan play with the pc version of HTH?

No :(. It's extremely disappointing.

That's why I am over the moon about the xenia developments.

PS didn't recall it running at 30fps on the original hardware, seems to be running at 60 in xenia. You definitely can't run it with a potato though.

200+ titles now supported in some way or another:

Unfortunately, HTH is not yet supported.

At least some support -- driving folks probably care about -

--- Code: ---Blur
Blur 2
Dirt 2
Dirt 3
F1 2010 - F1 2014
F1 Race Stars
Full Auto
Grid 2
Juiced 2
Mad Riders
MotoGP 06, MotoGP 07
MotoGP 14, MotoGP 15
Outrun Online Arcade
Project Gotham Racing 4
Race Driver: Grid
Ridge Racer 6
SBK 2011
Sega Rally Online Arcade
Sega Rally Revo (reported on Discord)
Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing
Sonic Free Riders
WRC 2010
WRC 4, WRC 5

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