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Xenia netplay 200+ titles working now. RR6, F1 Race Stars, Outrun Online, + more

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I might just be way behind but found out that there's a fork of Xenia that exists that theoretically supports netplay. I myself haven't tried it, but given the games list, I thought it would be worth mentioning and keeping an eye out from folks in this forum.

More information can be found here, on the github page for the fork:

List of supported (racing) games. bold is my emphasis for games that I am most excited about.
Juiced 2
Mad Riders
Moto GP 06, 07, (14 and 15 sort of work)
Outrun Online Arcade* (worth noting that this version allows 6p whereas the arcade version is only 4p) - video @
Ridge Racer 6
WRC 2010/4/5 (2010/4 are listed as having stability issues)

Forza 4 confirmed to not work, or any games that obviously require external servers (activision, EA, ubisoft)

Hydro Thunder Hurricane is not on the list either way, but I'm trying to get more info from the discord on whether anyone has gotten it working. This would be a friggin dream. One of my favorite racing games and already works pretty well in Xenia if your PC can handle it.

The best part about all of this - if you are like me and keep your machines offline - is that you can host your own "Xenia Web Services" server on your LAN - - so you can link up locally without needing internet access!

Of course, Xenia is not as far along as other emulators, such as RPCS3, and development will be ongoing, and continue to take time. What the folks have already achieved has been nothing short of incredible. But the reality that some of these games may work online sooner rather than, say, 20 years from now - was just too exciting to hold back.

Just thought I'd share that this would be something great to keep an eye on for those of us with more than one cab.

FYI use wheel2xinput -,166939.0.html - to interface your wheel with xenia. Or x360ce. I may be biased towards the former!

Update: I tried ridge racer 6 and I'm able to host games and join them, but the emulator seems to crash after about 2:15-2:45 during a race. It's strange but it works well for the first couple of minutes anyway.

Also, HTH is confirmed to not work (for now), but it sounds like it might be possible to get working in the future!

Both games work reasonably well, 60fps, single player (minus flickering trees in rr6) on my i3-13100 & 1660ti system with the right emulator settings. Rumble works great as well. I've been able to complete the HTH campaign.

HTH would be great to have LAN working. Will be following these developments. Thanks for the heads up.

Ridge Racer 6 is working with netplay. I tested 8 players using a local instance of Xenia Web Services.

1) Download the original xenia_canary_netplay release
2) Then replace with the exe from (under "build artifacts") - you may need to be logged in to github to access.
3) Run the exe, a .toml file will be generated. Close the exe.
4) Edit, under toml, under "memory", change protect_zero = true to protect_zero = false (or the race will crash between 2 and 3 minutes in)
5) If you want to play over the public server, under "live," change it to say api_address = ""
6) For private, offline, LAN-only servers, you will need to install Xenia Web Services

I am not able to play "ranked match" but I am able to play "player match"

Have fun!

How does this netplay work in regards to Xbox live? Asking as someone with an actual Xbox 360 who's never been able to take part in any online games on it owing to the fact that I've never paid for Xbox Live Gold membership and have only ever used the free Silver membership.


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