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G27 pedal signal not fully saturated in latest MAME


Hi guys. I'd like to report what I *think* may be a bug in the latest build(v0.262). The emulator doesn't seem to be reading my G27 pedals correctly. The input signal bar you see when going into the analog setting in the "in-emu" menu is only going half way instead of the full travel. The steering is functioning just fine. I've tried the following....

1)Changing the saturation in the mame.ini to everything from 0.85 to 1 to 10

2)Playing around with the three slider settings within the analog settings and cranking the sensitivity all the way to the max.

3)Playing around with the deadzone from 0 to 0.4. to 1

None of these seem to make a difference. For the record, the pedals are fully functioning and works beautifully in previous older versions of MAME(0.246 for example).

For a more game specific example, I went into the test menu in Rave Racer, and tested the in-game switch test. Sure enough, the reading for the pedals are going only to 776 instead of the full 1550 or whatever the max value is supposed to be.

Any ideas why this is happening and do you have any suggestions I can try, or is it a bug already known by the mame devs?

Disregard I fixed it


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