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NSM emerald Wall Mounted stopped working


I have no power to my NSM wall mounted cd juke box , have not turned it on in 2 years plugged in no power checked fuses but all ok, can any one advise? any hidden fuses , model serial 60023091  thanks for any ideas


power cable goes in the back... through a toggle switch on the bottom of the cabinet... to the main transformer... so, be sure this toggle switch is turned on.

check your mainboard by the amplifire... it has a big long wire plug with all the main power coming in. it should be in one of the corners of the board. the main board should have LED's showing the status of the various voltages there. (the voltages will be printed on the PCB. you may have a missing one causing issues.)

if there is no "power" visible there, remove the player and title rack and remove to bottom plate from inside the cabinet. Check for AC coming into the main transformer. it should be clearly labeled 120/240/0v etc. on a screw terminal block (so the machine can be switched to 120/240v operation in various countries.) if you have AC volts going in, you should have volts coming out and going to the main board... but there may be a circuit breaker there that has cut it out.


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