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Austin Amusements:
Hello All!
My name is Steve from Austin Amusements. Based at Kingsgrove in Sydney NSW, Australia! We stock a wide range of arcade parts at great prices, including I-pac 2, I-pac 4, I-pac wiring kits, Keyboard Encoders, T-Moulding, Coin Mech's, Jamma Harnesses, Jamma Boards, Coin Doors, AimTrack Light Guns, Joystick and Buttons in Brands such as Sanwa, Seimitsu, Happ and Zippy, plus many more parts.
Last year we started shipping to the US and around the world. Shipping is not cheap from Australia to the US unfortunately but we do have good shipping rates for small orders.
If you need anything please go to our website to view our range of products and purchase. Add the products to your cart for a shipping quote and if the website gives you a total that seems excessive please contact us via email, Facebook messenger and let me know. We will see if we can get a better price from another shipping provider.


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