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I've discovered some chinese chassis on aliexpress. Anyone have experience with these ?
I have have some spare TVs to test but would be nice to get some more info about these hardware.

Poor quality, there is no degauss circuit and they work at 110V.

Any other options for me (living in EU)?

time machine. the time to get chassis of a good quality was about 13 years ago in 2011.

honestly, those chassis aren't THAT bad. they are designed kind of similar to the K7000, having a regulator and resistive dropper system for the different voltages the chassis needs, opposed to a switch mode power supply providing several rails. not without its own caveats... its going to need an isolation transformer...fairly fixable if stuff goes sideways on's fairly unpredictable if the voltage fluxuates, since a SMPS chassis uses current feedback to automatically adjust the voltages, keeping them steady.

as mentioned, this monitor is 110v, so you not only do you have to have an isolation transformer, but a 240 to 110v one. (since you are in the EU) to drop your line voltage down.

"wei-ya" makes some of the more decent chassis out there that are multi voltage compatible (as they mostly use SMPS) but they are also few and far between these days, occasionally you do run across them for sale. if you aren't in a hurry hold out for one of those.

depending on your needs and your tube/yoke combo you got going on, you may be able to steal one off another monitor (perhaps get a deal from someone with a busted tube selling off a chassis) but an makvision M2929, C3129 or wei-ya CH-666 (basically all clones of each other) will do VGA resolutions and can be modded to work for a fairly wide variety of yokes (within reason). perhaps a WG K7400/7500 chassis could be modded to work with your combo.

to effectively choose one, you'd have to measure the inductance of the yoke you plan to use with an LCR meter, otherwise if you blindly choose one... you chance blowing up a h or V drive with a mismatched tune.

I have couple of EUR TVs, all actually with SCART but position and size of picture cannot be easy regulated that's why I started to thinking about using arcade chassis on standard TV tube.

About this specific chinese chassis -  need 1 V just like ordinary arcade monitor or 0,7V? There isn't any info even about how to connect this chassis to JAMMA or PC.


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