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There's a ton of information on this site about monitors, but I haven't really found a lot pertaining to the use of a Flatscreen LED, OLED or whatever.  I am not an expert on this stuff, currently looking for a 43" for the 4p cab I'm putting together.  Just wondering if there's any particular specs/features I should be looking for in a TV? 

I'm not really planning to play anything over Dreamcast/PS1/Gamecube etc.  Will be using a PC with Launchbox/Big box if that matters.

-60h, 120hz, does it matter?
-Freesync or Gsync?  Is that needed?  I've found some with Freesync - little pricey though
-1080 or 4k?  Is any of that going to make a difference? 
-LED/OLED/QLED?  I don't really know the difference or if it would make a difference with what I'm trying to do

Any other features or anything I should be aware of?  I do plan to add Sinden guns at some point if that makes a difference too.

Thanks for any advice

Man - Crickets....was this a dumb quetion lol...Sounds like not a lot of guys on this forum use LCD/LED tv maybe?  Anyway, I'm looking at these two right now..

Open box under $200 - the Vizio has Freesync, the Toshiba has something else proprietary like it.  Both low input lag they say. 


--- Quote from: smazze on January 30, 2024, 10:27:05 am ---Man - Crickets....was this a dumb quetion lol...Sounds like not a lot of guys on this forum use LCD/LED tv maybe? 

--- End quote ---

 :laugh2:  Pretty much yeah, at least for this branch. I think most of the folks here could be buried, either by or with, our CRTs. Maybe Shmups or FB groups might be helpful.

Thanks for the links though, always good to know your options. CRTs aren't always the best one.

Yeah, I hear ya. My plan is to get this done for the family, I think this will please the wife and kids. Then I will have some experience under my belt and can build something for myself - more authentic and definitely go crt.

Have you considered a Mister FPGA unit?

The platform is becoming much more mature and is popular for emulation of older systems and games. They are constantly adding new cores or improving older ones. The emulation is very high quality.

The system is modular, so you can add stuff that you think you'll need. A common setup would include the required DE-10 nano, a USB board and an analog IO board (VGA/D15 out) that gives direct native 15Khz or whatever is required. No special video card required. Even does component video out, so you can use that old CRT TV in the basement. Just edit a few settings in the config file. With the HDMI already included on the DE-10, you can choose whatever display is most convenient and you can swap configs with hotkeys.

A setup like above would cost you a few hundred dollars, probably a little more than those TVs. Depends on what you want, bundles are available or you can assemble and setup yourself. Links are just suggestions, you can get stuff on other online marketplaces. There are some nice cases available too.

There are stand-alone two-player control panels available for arcade games, which allow you to sit at a lounge. Combine that with some controllers for consoles, and you might not even need a cab.


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