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--- Quote from: pbj on May 06, 2024, 03:04:57 pm ---Beautiful work.  How the hell are you getting a Master System ROM working without a mapper?  I looked into making SMS carts with a Genesis footprint and recall you were rather limited on what would run without custom chips.

--- End quote ---

Unfortunately I had to steal the roms from original carts.

Even the generic Master System to Mega-Tech converter did not work because they used very specific chip select pinouts in order to also have the menu ROM seperately selectable.

Fixing wood damage

This was at the bottom corner:

Added something for the bondo to hook onto:

Fill, sand, fill, sand:

And the big secret is in the previous picture...melanine veneer backed with heat activated adhesive:

You just iron it on, and suddenly even the back looks nice:

Final artwork

After an , sideart came in from the UK. The original left art was not that bad looking, but the right side was alligned sloppy and missing a chunk:

So, *sticker pulling sound*

Sweats, cusses, alligment and cleanup later, this Mega-Tech is finally finished:

Thanks everyone for following along :)

I wonder if sega CD would play through an ever drive pro.


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