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Sega Mega-Tech Restoration

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With the repro carts now being stable, I've open sourced the designs with a support thread here. ;)

Stabilizing the cab even more...

I wonder what the heck happened to this thing because so many more pieces turned out to be loose. Did it fall down the stairs or something?

Just look at the back:

I had to get it straight and put screws down the top.

Followed by angle brackets on the rear top.

At least that sorted out the back.

But the cab was still wobbly even after my previous fix. Oh, the other side was trembling apart too, just not cracked on the bottom.

Followed that by another hardware session:

I think at this point that only really leaves the side art and missing wood chunks. Of course I'll remake the sideart, but I'm thinking of patching in some black laminate squares to the damaged parts.

It would not be perfect, but at least it won't look as bad as paint?

Mega-Tech - Mega Drive Converter Release

It's here! :)

Just for a reference, I tested the following random games off my shelf today:

They all worked flawless besides of Ecco TOT giving a PAL region error, but I won't call that a bug.

So to let you guys in, this whole Mega-Tech PCB project was something I took on whilst being in between jobs to not get too bored at home.

Fortunately I will start new work in May so this thread will go back to regular speed from now. It was fun while it lasted though ;)

New job is keeping me a tad busy, but I am slowly filling the holes:

The power cord needed a refresh too:

It's always so satisfying to put in a new cord :)

Beautiful work.  How the hell are you getting a Master System ROM working without a mapper?  I looked into making SMS carts with a Genesis footprint and recall you were rather limited on what would run without custom chips.


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