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Been more active on UKVAC lately but let's not forget this forum we all grew up with. I present you this original Sega Mega-Tech :cheers:

Up front, things are just your basic 30 years of wear and tear. Gotta replace locks, CPO, buttons and clean a whole bunch:

Up back and around, things are not as nice..The rear door is missing, and the backpanel is severely kicked in. Additionally, the bottom plate also has a crack so the entire cab is wobbly. I'm on the fence whether to stabilize the backpanel or make a new one entirely:

When I picked up this machine I immediately noticed the main monitor was not original. There should be two Hantarex MTC9000's in there, but the main screen is a Kortek KTM-F. After sliding down the cab from the second floor we found this green connector on the floor. Later at my home the main screen did not light at all. You know why? I figured out the green connector is the AC in for the original MTC9000, and the red and white wires are the AC in on the Kortek. I definitely want to improve this. For now, it literally just had to be shoved in there:

So that leaves me with this:

Electrical inspection time:
The main board works with all 8 original games.
The sound is really tinny. Maybe a main board recap needed.
The power supply -12V line measures -16V.
The menu screen is very sharp but way too bright.
The main screen is quite blurry. Not sure if that's dirt or focus. Also the adjustment board of it had a broken pot.
Finally, all lamps are missing....

I've got big plans for this machine. At the end of the run, it will be almost like new.
As a hardware engineer, I also want to design some custom game carts for it. This time open source for everyone :)

To be continued...

Mini update.

Ordered all the light bulbs and locks. Also, I found out why the monitor was so blurry:

Lights came in:

I also adjusted both monitors. Things are looking pretty great in a dimly lit room:

Never saw one of these in the wild, pretty cool looking.  Looks like the cartridges are pretty easy to bootleg:

Surely other games have been ported to that system by now?

EDIT - looks like you can run an Everdrive on them...

Mike A:
That thing looks cool.

I am not familiar with it.

Thank you for posting.


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