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I have a force board I am trying to get working. I have it connected to a non touch monitor just to see if I can get it to work, but no matter what, I donít have a signal to the monitor. Motherboard and i/o board light up and hard drive is spinning, but I canít get any further without a video signal. Power supply is original but supplies correct voltage, so I think itís ok. Tried new ram but that isnít it. Picked up another force motherboard on ebay just to have the same problem. What am I missing?

it should at least let you see the boot process on a regular monitor. it may not boot up all the way, but you should at least get video to see it boot to bios or to.

you say you got a new force board and it does not output either?? did you transfer anything over to it? (IE did it come with a CPU ram etc)

i suspect a CPU issue. what board you got there? "Force" covers a LOT of hardware in a lot of different systems.

take the board out, put it on your desk and start with nothing. no cpu, ram harddrive... nothing. make sure you have a speaker plugged into the speaker header on the motherboard. plug in the power supply cables to the headers and power it on. (depending on the board you may have to jumpstart it using the power button header connection)

you should get incessant beeping from the motherboard because it has no way to process the Power on self test.

if you do not, you my have a power issue, a BIOS problem (though doubtful), or possibly other motherboard issue.

install CPU and CPU cooler, and power on the board. You should hear some more beeping... probably different than the beeping it did before ... because the CPU has been detected and has been instructed by the bootrom portion of the BIOS to kickstart the CPU to begin POST, but there is no memory to do work in.

if it does not beep, or the beeping is the same, suspect a bad CPU, bad power supply, bad power regulation circuit for the CPU,

if this is not the case, add ram and plug VGA cable onto the board and see if you have video.

if you have another post beep code with all this plugged in, make note of the beeps... if they are short or long and how many of each of them there are.

for instances,
one Long beep, followed by 3 short beeps is indicative of a ram error.
9 short beeps is a corrupted BIOS
one long beep followed by 8 short ones is usually a video memory/adaptor/configuration error.

hopefully some of this points you in the right direction.

You are amazing! This is exactly the step by step help I was hoping for. I will let you know what I find or how far this gets me when I get some time, hopefully tomorrow. Thank you!


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