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Wanted - good short video of jukebox selecting/playing


I'm working on a new skin for Fruitbox (raspberry pi jukebox emulator), and I really, really, really would like to include a video of a record being selected and playing when a user makes a selection.  Ideally of a model with a visible platter, like 1960-ish Rockola's or AMI's.  Here's what I'm needing.  If I had access to a jukebox locally (DFW area), I'd do this:

1.  Set phone or camera on a tripod or something that works to make a rock-steady video of a selector mechanism in motion thru a few revolutions of the 45 rpm record.
2.  Light the scene well for a good image.
3.  Include about 1 foot on each side of the platter.  I can crop out what I actually need, but I can't add it back in......
4.  Video should be maybe taken looking down at about 45 degrees, or whatever looks good to show the spinning record as if you're standing at the jukebox.

I'd want to be able to add that to my skin and share my skin among other Fruitbox users.  It's a hobby.  No sales.  No profit.....just another skin for people to consider for use in their projects.

Anyone jukebox owners interested in helping me out? 



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Unfortunately, the selector mechanism presented here has waaayyyy too much jiggle in it.  :lol


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