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Yakuza/Judgment series contain undumped version of Super Hang-On

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See my post (with pic) on MAMEworld forum: The tldr; of it is: there's an undumped version of Super Hang-On out there, it seems to be a ride-on unit.

I doubt anyone out there has a cabinet with that version in it, which could be dumped and added to MAME?

Otherwise my upcoming comparison of it will be a bit off, as most of the versions will feature a different layout! :lol

It's not this version is it - Limited Edition Hang-On? I only found out this was a thing about a year or so ago.

Wtf is the “mame forum?”


--- Quote from: pbj on January 18, 2024, 09:23:44 pm ---Wtf is the “mame forum?”

--- End quote ---
He's probably referring to this post on MAMEWorld.


Yeah that's the one, the link went AWOL along the way, it seems!


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