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Newb question here. iPac 4 to Xbox 360 console ?

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Newb here who purchased a cabinet kit from game room solutions. Right now itís running on raspberry and Iím looking for help on how to connect my four player control panel to Xbox 360 console. Control panel has the ipac 4 with usb cable. When I plug the usb into Xbox controller port it does nothing. Searching online I found company that makes a ipac to Xbox cable but it states it is for the ipac 2 and I see it has a different plug then my ipac 4. Any help from you guys to help point this newb in the right direction is greatly appreciated. Thanks

see posts here...



I saw and read two of those when trying to search for my answer. That adapter is for ipac 2. My ipac 4 has different plug. I guess Iím more looking to see if a new ipac 4 cable is made anywhere. Im not looking to hack a controller or hack old game pad. More looking for a plug and play style connection so when I donít want to play the retropie raspberry games and want to instead plug right into Xbox 360 for some more advanced mortal kombat games. Or am I just better off getting a prebuilt loaded pc and plugging my control panel into it ? I enjoy the old retro games but would love to play some newer mortal kombat or even some newer Mario kart. Thanks

oh, sorry i hadn't noticed it was a 4.

the ipac4 can be programmed for xinput (which is the standard pc's and xbox uses) and can be switched back and forth between them...

the info you want is under the "multimode" tab

Thanks I didnít know it was switchable. I assume the raspberry and x96 air emulators is set in keyboard mode or is it in dinput mode ? When I eventually get a pc for this cabinet Iíll need it in xinput mode same as an Xbox right ? Thanks again.


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