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Teknoparrot Patreon Arctic Thunder - Players Needed


Hello All,
               Just reaching out to BYOAC members to see if there are any Teknoparrot Patreon members that may like to try and play Arctic Thunder using the online lobby 2.0 stuff. I actually signed up for the $10 version so I could get 2 accounts going with Lan games to play with the wife but sadly, the way Arctic Thunder is currently setup, I can not race myself. Pretty confident they will get the Lan stuff working soon and we can all play on our local setups, but in the meantime, would not mind getting my butt kicked by some members here.

Game has a slight sentimental value, when I owned the arcade Gunthers Games in Columbia MO this was one of the 2 player games we had linked, along with Hydro Thunder, Rush 2049 and Crusin Exotica.. Pretty great time in my life to be honest..


Just saw this week, that Arctic Thunder and Jurassic Park were listed. Was thinking about Patrion but wasn't sure how it works. Is it 5 a month for just one game or do you get access to all the Patrion games for 5?

Anyway would love to test out the LAN stuff once it's up and running.

$5/month gets you access to be able to play all of the Patreon games on 1 computer.

What MotownC said is 100% on the money.. I actually did a $10 one, so I could play some Lan games and it has worked pretty well.. The Arctic Thunder thing, at the moment is having you use their lobby / wan setup to play Arctic Thunder in a linked way, no clue how well it works. I hope it means that Lan stuff will be included when that game is available to everyone.



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