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How should I power on my DC-based cabinet? Here's how I did it.

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My cabinet has the following electricity suckers:
USB-LEDs for marquee
USB Exhaust fan
Basic amp for 2 stereo speakers
Dell LCD Monitor

I went with a practical approach and plugged in all the above to a power strip.  The power strip goes to the wall with an I/O adapter.  I keep the power strip "on" and the I/O adapter flips the cab on/off.

It works, but my brain tells me it should be be regulated through a power supply.  At the same time, this is relatively low power stuff that shouldn't go BOOM considering the DC has its own PSU.

Is this ok or a fire hazard?  If not a fire hazard, is there a more elegant approach that doesn't require intermediate knowledge building power supplies from scratch?

IMO it's not nearly enough devices plugged in to worry about it short circuting, any pics of the setup? Might be able to figure out a better setup when we see it :D

Every one of those devices should have a power rating in watts printed on them, usually near the power inlet. Add up all the watts.

If a label only lists volts and amps: watts = volts * amps.

Most generic power boards are rated to 2400W, but check label on back. If your total number of watts is even getting close to that rating, then be concerned. However, what you listed does not look like enough to worry about.

What is an "I/O adapter"?


--- Quote from: Zebidee on January 04, 2024, 07:11:56 am ---What is an "I/O adapter"?

--- End quote ---

It's just an on/off switch you plug into the outlet.  I flip this on, and the whole cab goes on.

I'll provide pics when I get access to the cab.  In the meantime, really appreciate the advice.

Ah thanks! I see.

I'm Australian and over there, almost all wall power points come with switches as standard. However I see switches are much less common in other countries.

If you aren't afraid of some minor hacking, I like to install one of these bad boys in the back of my cabs. Search for "IEC320 PC power socket male". That way, when moving the cab or whatever, I never have to worry about a dangling power cord. There are many varieties, but I like the ones that have an LED in the switch and a fuse (you may need to buy the fuse separately).


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