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WTB: Broken Golden Tee credit card reader


Why do I want a broken one? Because I have a hole in my cabinet, and I'd like to fill it with the credit card reader, but I don't want to spend the money on a functional one. Let me know if you have one! Happy to pay for shipping and pay a few bucks for your trouble.


i got a whole box of brand new card readers from the old style big buck hunter/golden tee machines. i can toss one out into the mail if you want.

gotta ship from canada to wherever you are though.

Thanks Lil'Shawn! I think shipping from Canada kills it. I'm also not sure it's the same dimensions - definitely looks more square than the I.T. Golden Tee Slot looks. Thanks though!

narrow side holes are 52mm (2 in) centers and the long side is 92mm (3.62 in (3 5/8") centers.

alternatively,  get yourself a chunk of metal, drill a couple holes in it to mount it over your cabinet hole... take a sander to the face side edges to round everything off a bit... and then hit it with some black textured paint like some of that rustoleum hammered finish coating. it's about all they send you as a blanking plate for filling holes like credit card readers and bill acceptors.

use "carriage bolts" that you've sanded smooth and paint matched to your chosen finish to mount your plate for that supposed-to-be-there look

Thanks lilshawn. I think that's the direction it's going.


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