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JVL VORTEX "touch screen unattached" error

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Ok ill take it apart tomorrow. Do i have to disassemble everything or are their screws to replease the front panel? Thanks for all the help!

sorry, i honestly don't know. the one of those machines we have on route, has never had an issue except for having to replace the CF card.

the controller in question may be visible from the inside of the coin/bill acceptance area. so you might not even have to disassemble it to see the LED status lamp.

otherwise, i expect like 2 screws somewhere near the top of the back door money acceptance area... after which of the removal of those screws, the monitor may tilt forward, but maybe not. i'm not sure when they started doing that. (the HD encores and the retro do for sure... but not sure how far back they started since the eclipse, which did not) so if not, probably 4-6 screws and the monitor and bezel will push/pry out.


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