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JVL VORTEX "touch screen unattached" error

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just picked up a used JVL vortex machine. worked fine a couple times, the started to freeze during games and now getting the "touch screen unattached!! Please turn off power and attache touch screen" message. Where do I start? Thanks!!

have checked all connections and nothing is loose.

it's possible it just needs to be reloaded. sometimes a file will go bad causing a device to not be initialized/loaded on startup... then when it checks to make sure everything is ready to rock... something is still missing.

press and hold service button and then power on the machine. wait until the reload message displays on the screen and you can let go and do a reinstall. assuming the backup is still good, it should start working again. if it still says the same thing, it's possible something has gone wrong with the touch controller itself.

When i do that it says “factory reset initiated” , but still stops at tge touch screen unattached message

you'll have to open up the front of the monitor and view the backside of the screen. the touch controller is mounted behind.

does the LED light on the touch controller light up? The LED should be on, and dimly lit... this means the controller has power and is operating properly. If the LED is off, the controller is not receiving power. check all the connections.

When the LED is dimly lit, pressing on the overlay will cause the LED light to glow brighter. This means the controller and the overlay are operating at least enough that it should be detected.

if it powers on, then after a few seconds, starts showing blinking/flashing... that means there is a problem during the controllers power on self test.

if the LED flashes or blinks 3 times there is something wrong with the overlay panel (broken connection in the ribbon cable or the connection to the overlay glass itself.) basically the controller cant calibrate the normal state of the screen.

if it flashes anything else, (4 to 10 times) chances are pretty good the controller is pooched. they are almost all firmware and ram error issues or blank/invalid configuration information stored in memory.


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