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X-arcade tanlstick OLD version

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I have a question. I recently got an x-arcade tankstick but I dont have any cables. I got the one that uses a serial port. I know that I have to connect it to ps2 but I dont know which cable to use.  Can I use a serial cable with a serial to ps2 adapter. Or maybe even serial to USB?
Does anyone know the type of cable I need?

I think you can indeed just use a serial-usb adapter. See attachment.

Great. Will buy one than. Was afraid they might have changed the pin order becouse the official cables consists of 2 pieces

Do you not have a short ps/2 and serial cable dangling off the back of it?  A PS/2 extension cable will be a direct feed as a keyboard into the rare computer that can still accept it.  Otherwise youíll likely need an active PS/2 -> USB adapter.

Other option is to replace the internal encoder with one of their newer tri mode PCBs.  I know some are still bitter they didnít live up to that lifetime guarantee but it is what it is.

Im afraid I even got an older version


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