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okay, i believe there is a little confusion going on here. I have never had to rip the cabinet completely apart before, i was unaware there where other speakers down in the base. i just assumed it was just the 2 little speakers up top and the subwoofer module (it's a black plastic box on the right side (when you are looking at the screen, if you are looking in the back door it's on the left... it's subwoofer port is a vent looking thing just behind the monitor on the right.))

but looking at the promo material it does say 5 speaker system, which makes sense if there where 2 additional speakers somewhere. (so 2 up to, 2 in the bottom and the sub)

it's possible the speaker has sustained damage... but it's possible a screw or coin has gotten lodged in behind the cone. ive seen that a few times. if our encore is still kicking around the shop i'll have a look at it and see what it might take to get at it... but i have a feeling it's gone out.


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