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I have a blown speaker on my JVL Echo . Does anyone have experience taking it apart to remove the lower left speaker. I do have a maintance manual that shows the part it is connected too but does
not show me how it comes apart to reach it. Also I have dust in the screen trapped between the glass digitizer and the screen. I bezel apart and it looks like they are likely glued or taped together.
If anyone knows how they come apart to clean that would be helpful.

you probably don't have a blown speaker, i'd suspect more an issue with the amp than a speaker if it "sounds" blown. the cabinets are very difficult to take apart. a lot of parts are interconnected, resulting in having to take piles of other things off and disassembling other assemblies, just to remove one item.

it will likely be "take off every screw you see until you can get the part out" kind of disassembly.

ive seen it a few different ways, some just have a foam gasket, (adhesive on one side) in which case, you just take the monitor part out of the case and disassemble it. NBD.

others the touchscreen overlay (the outside glass part you touch) has double sided tape (likely 3m VHB but ive seen double sided foam too) holding it on to the LCD panel (the part with the image). you'll have to cut it off. doing so without breaking things or messing up your LCD is difficult and shouldn't be attempted unless you ABSOOOOLUTELY have to. IE broken overlay replacement or damaged LCD panel replacement.

but if you are insistent...

the slowest, least effective way, but a method that will result in the lowest chance of screwing something up is the "floss" method. grab a roll of waxed dental floss, high strength if you can find it... rip off about a yard of it...  start at a corner and saw your way back and forth through the tape. once you get most of the way through, you'll want to tape the panel in place so it doesn't bend or take off on you. you'll probably break the floss 100 times, but keep at it. eventually you'll saw your way through. resist the urge to bend the overlay away from the panel as you'll break the overlay, or you will break the LCD panel by flexing the metal surround. the LCD glass is about 1.5 to 2 millimeters thick and will snap real easy. this is the least likely to damage anything resulting with a 99.9% chance of being able to reuse parts. this is the method i use when i have literally nothing to replace it with if i break something, but I HAVE to transfer a panel or something.

the reckless, fastest, most effective way, but a method most likely to result in damage is using a lubed up "snap off" style utility knife and cutting around the panel to free the overlay. i use silicone spray on the blade to keep the foam/plastic/glue/whatever they make the stuff out of from sticking to the blade. use caution AF when doing this cause blades can snap, you can scratch the LCD panel or overlay, you can chop wires off, you can wang yourself with the blade... the list goes on. I remove panels this way because i have more panels, i have more overlays, and/or it's broken anyway, so i don't care.... you probably do not have spares lying around like i might.

hopefully you just have the foam gasket, but if not...i highly suggest method 1, but it's your machine so go for 2 if you like.

Thanks for the help . It is 3m foam tape. I don't think its worth taking apart and risking damage. I hardly see the light dust when it is turn on anyways. The speaker however I don like
On the mansion game that has alot of sound on the high notes its not bad but on the lows you can hear it distort. Its just a bad speaker. Im not sure where the screws are to take it apart. I am thinking remove the screen first that rest above it and maybe it will reveal some screws . Wish threre was somthing i could follow to help.

unfortunately JVL released these machines then shortly after discontinued their whole line of machines and software to pursue making casino machines. i think it is becasue there was a conflict regarding being licenced to be able to make gambling machines that requires specifically excluding being able to make non-gambling machines as well... so they had to quit.

JVL was always a "only tell you if you need to know" kind of company and didn't make much documentation available for their machines at all except in hard form... and even then... no parts lists or anything, absolutely nothing available to download unless you needed it... and you basically had to be a distributor looking to get the info otherwise they would flat out ignore you.

I tried emailing support one time as the senior technician for the company i work for just asking for a parts breakdown of a machine (serial number and model included) so i can order some replacement parts for one we had that got damaged..... and i was ignored until i basically called them directly and hounded them. they basically sent me an excerpt of one sheet of exactly what i needed...and nothing more. they are brutal. worse than touchtunes.

it's possible the subwoofer in the cabinet has a torn foam surround. i can't believe i didnt think of this earlier. iv'e ran into it on speakers quite a few times. but your description fits perfectly.

the woofer has a foam surround and when exposed to oil and other chemicals it can quickly rot and fall apart. even being near a deepfryer in a kitchen for a couple months can cause a brand new speaker foam to fall apart. (ask me how i know)

if you can't find a new speaker replacement, check out simplyspeakers they have replacement foams you can buy (2 pack for 25 bucks). you just strip out the old foam off the cone and surround and glue on a new one. i've repaired subs in our jukeboxes with new foams and even blown out bose 301 woofer speakers with new coils and other parts from them.

The speaker is the lower left hand small speaker. I don't know where the woofer speaker is in the unit. There are two speakers on top and two in the  bottom corners . Are there 5 speakers in all one being a woofer?
I have used simplyspeakers to fix gasgets on my car speakers and they work great. If I can figure out how to excess that little speaker I can see if i can repair or replace it. I could spend the time to switch the wires around from the right speaker to the left to make sure its not the amp but it really sounds to me like a bad speaker when it hits the lower notes.


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